Sky Sport F1 Live Steam via Ace Player

#. Ace streams are only for F1 Fans who can't buy Sky Sport or official F1TV subscription because of a residential area. Please buy official one.
#. Sky F1 Steams are used only for F1 fans to watch live Formula 1 Sessions. If you want to watch regulary please buy it from
1. Download Ace Stream Media WindowsAndroid Google PlayAndroidAce Stream MediaAndroid TVMacOS.
2. Open the downloaded file and install it with the wizard.
3. Copy the Ace Stream ID.
Server 2: F1TV FHD 1080p
Server 3: F1TV HD 720p
Server 4: F1TV FHD Espaniol 720p (antes de cada sesiĆ³n)
Server 5: F1TV FHD 1080p/50FPS, choose language in audio options (English, Deutsch, Francais, Espanol, Nederlands, Portugues, FX
Server 7: DANZ F1
Server 8: DANZ F1
Server 9: Sky Sport F1 [DE]
4. Open Ace Player. Press Ctrl + T and paste the ID.
5. Stream should start playing. Buffering issues? Click here.

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