Oil and coolant systems and charge air cooling

What the technical regulations say:

  • The design and location of the oil tanks on Formula 1 cars are strictly controlled to minimise the risk of oil leaking in the event of an engine failure or an accident.
  • Oil may not be added to cars during the race.
  • All oil storage tanks must be situated between the front wheel axis and the gearbox.
  • Oil may not be used to enhance the properties of the engine’s fuel or energize the combustion process.
  • The car’s coolant header tank must have an FIA-approved pressure release valve. The car’s cooling systems (including the charge air cooler connected to the turbocharger) must not make any use of the latent heat produced by the cooling process.
  • Coolant and oil lines are not allowed to pass through the cockpit. They must also be fitted so that any leaked fluid cannot find its way into the cockpit.